• Education and training activities for professionals

Education and training activities for professional development of educators on work-based and informal learning. The courses seminars, conferences and lectures that we develop help educators to support learners from disadvantaged backgrounds, to address social, ethnic, linguistic and cultural diversity, to increase competences such as entrepreneurship, business creation, employment and digital skills

  • Education and training activities for socially disadvantaged groups

Education and training activities for people with disadvantage backgrounds. Our courses, seminars, conferences and lectures support the development of basic skills and key competences essential to foster employability and socio-economic development. Main topics are critical thinking and creativity, entrepreneurship, smart economic and social development and language and digital skills.

  • Non-formal education activities

Non-formal education activities for the promotion of social inclusion. We organize seminars, conferences and lectures which approach the ownership of shared values, non-discrimination and social inclusion, equality and diversity.