This project is supported under the European Erasmus+ programme


The project “INSPIRE”, through a path that explores the Olympism with its language full of positive values, aims to utilise the sport as an educational key to develop young people's skills in different areas of life: social inclusion and discrimination, cultural diversity and conflict resolution, human rights, participation and active citizenship, the environment and sustainable development.

The Olympic Movement uses fundamental values to promote Olympism:

  1. Excellence, Respect and Friendship.
  2. Values such as determination, courage, perseverance and resilience are intertwined with these fundamental beliefs and can be found in abundance in the legend of the Olympic Games.

The project is based on values and:

  • They developed the students' understanding of these values and helped them to implement them in their lives;
  • They encouraged students to take part in sport and physical activity;
  • They reinforced their appreciation of effort in academic subjects;
  • They promoted positive behaviour and built healthy relationships between young people and their community;
  • They supported self-directed learning so that students (involved in the participation and organisation of the "Olympic Day") were encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning.

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I.C. Aldo Moro → Italy

Edu Lab → Italy

Scoala Gimnaziala Centrala, Município de Campina → Romania

Fundatia Zamolxes → Romania

Võnnu Keskkool → Estonia

Ângulos e Argumentos LDA – Colégio São José de Bairros → Portugal

3o Ginásio Larisas → Greece