This project is supported under the European Erasmus+ programme


The project “URB_ART” aims to promote education of adults at risk of social exclusion through Urban Arts Education activities and concepts. Social inclusion and empowerment of the target audience are the focus of the project's activities and results.

The intellectual products of the project are:

  • The Transdisciplinary Inquiry into Urban Arts Education - to formulate national and transnational needs and challenges with regard to marginalisation in the fields of culture and education, as well as indicators of success with regard to Urban Arts Education.
  • The Compendium of Storytelling Resources on Urban Arts Education - which aims to promote urban arts education success stories, based on the Transdisciplinary Inquiry on Urban Arts Education.
  • The Urban Arts Education Training Programme - which aims to offer continuing education opportunities for adult educators and community intervention professionals.
  • The creation of a Video Case Study Toolkit on Urban Arts in the Community - aims to present successful practices in the inclusion of marginalised communities in urban arts programmes and initiatives.
  • A Policy Paper - addresses the potential of transdisciplinary urban arts education for social inclusion. Based on analysing the results of the transnational project, the aim is to develop operational and political recommendations for policy-makers in the field of culture, education and social affairs.

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