About us

Proportional Message supports people with disadvantaged backgrounds through the development of humanistic education values, representing a way of enhancing the integral development of the individual, both personally and collectively.

01. We Create

We aim to contribute in the creation of educational environments, practices and research where the social, emotional and cognitive areas can be developed, to fulfil human potential. Our target groups are marginalised communities, elderly people, adults and families, as well people with disabilities. We develop activities aimed at meeting their needs, with a view to acquiring or deepening knowledge and skills.

02. We intervene

The intervention of Proportional Message is based on the belief that lifelong learning is a continuous process that must encompass all the dimensions of the individual and the practical knowledge acquired by all means. The access to quality education throughout life is a fundamental right to facilitate citizenship competences and the fully participation in society by all people.

03. We commit

Our association commits to have an active role on the global challenges of poverty, social and labour inequalities, education, environment, peace and civic engagement, by promoting campaigning and awareness raising through civil society. Also, we cooperate with local and national organisations in promoting initiatives to defend the rights and interests of Portuguese employers and employees, contributing to a constructive debate of ideas and needs of all interested parties.

What we do

We plan

Proportional Message also works on planning, implementation and evaluation of coeducational projects, social raising initiatives with human resources, along with a strong partnership between the local enterprises, regional stakeholders and policy-makers.

We design

Our team of qualified educational specialists have designed curriculum for several non-formal education projects related to adult education and lifelong learning, both in face-to-face and online learning environments.

We train

Adding to the creation of the curriculum, Proportional Message also trains teachers, trainers, local development agents and community in general in the field of formal and non-formal training in a variety of contexts, including the training of trainers.

We organize

We organize social events and social raising initiatives among our extensive networks.

We produce and evaluate

We also produce educational materials in online environments, handbooks in the field of adult education, specialised studies and design, monitoring and evaluation of educational and training development projects.