What does WOWSA stand for? WOWSA means What’s on the Web Safe for All Family Members. Throughout the WOWSA project, we aim to enable everyone in the family unit to develop the necessary skills for the every-changing, ever-growing, digital world.

With the evolution of technology in our daily lives, it is important that we know how to respond and react in our hyperconnected society. WOWSA addresses this in the hope to allow people to make informed choices and decisions in today’s digital environment.

The WOWSA project provides an insight into supporting parents as educators of children and other members within the family. Through the use of: training sessions, themed comic strips, explainer videos, puzzles and audio books, all members of the family are introduced to the do’s and don’ts of the world wide web! WOWSA aims to promote safe usage of the internet for children, young adults, parents, and senior adult learners, all learning together within the family unit.


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10 de Novembro, 2020