Our Services

For us, Education is a priority.

"Education does not transform the world. Education changes people. People transform the world.”

Paulo Freire

Education and training

Education and training activities for the professional development of educators, on formal and informal education, involving early school leaving, support for socially disadvantaged groups and the need to deal with cultural diversity.


Education and training activities aimed at socially disadvantaged groups. Our courses, seminars, conferences and lectures support the development of basic skills and competencies essential to promote employability and socio-economic development. The main themes are critical thinking and creativity, entrepreneurship, intelligent economic and social development and linguistic and digital skills.


Non-formal education activities to promote social inclusion. We organise seminars, conferences and lectures that address the sharing of human values, non-discrimination and social inclusion, equality and diversity.


Information and mediation service for people with disabilities that provides people with disabilities and their families with accessible, personalised, comprehensive and integrated information about rights, benefits and resources.


Capacity building workshops for refugees and immigrants on integration, human values, gender equality, diversity, language and history.