This project is supported under the European Erasmus+ programme


The project “DATE” aims to provide a holistic approach to drug awareness and prevention, reinforcing the the power of education as the main focus for warning about and preventing substance abuse.

The project has developed a set of tools and Interactive Infographics to contribute to the decline of the current situation in the partner countries, as well as to raise awareness and prevent drug addiction.

The intellectual products developed are:

  1. Compendium of Interactive Infographics
  2. Training Programme
  3. Peer Leadership Training Programme

The DATE project is looking for

  • Bringing drug awareness education to young digital citizens in their online environments.
  • Providing the necessary training for frontline workers so that they can take advantage of these ubiquitous channels in their daily activities.
  • To help develop a holistic approach to drug addiction awareness and prevention.

Through innovative and interactive youth-orientated resources that respond to today's realities and challenges, it enables young people to apply their knowledge and skills to the world. critical thinking and reason on the issues in question. Conceiving of the prevalence of digital tools and platforms in young people's lives, the project has developed tools that are visually attractive, engaging and informative for young people who can access and benefit from them both online and offline.

To find out more about our project, visit us at:

Ballybeen Women’s Centre Ltd → United Kingdom

Future In Perspective Limited → Ireland

Skills Elevation FHB → Germany

Asociaciòn Cultural Ingalicia → Spain

The Rural Hub → Ireland

Center for the Advancement of Research & Development in Educational Technology – CARDET → Cyprus